A-1 Pallet’s vision is to provide “Shipping Solutions & Peace of Mind”. Working with our customers to find the best possible solution for their shipping product needs is key to helping them protect the integrity of their products.



In order to be A PART OF THE SOLUTION ~ we will always ask, “What’s the best possible solution?” “What resources are available?” “How can we make this work effectively and efficiently?”

We provide our customers the best solutions to maintain the integrity of their products when they are shipped on our pallets domestic and worldwide.

We are Ready, Willing & Able to build and deliver custom pallets and value added wood products as promised, on time, every time.

We have systems in place to ensure quality.

We value our employees; they are a part of our family. We work together to produce high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our systems and our people make the difference.



In order to provide the best possible solutions we like to provide options. From variety of wood used or specification in building the product and tolerances we can customize to create the right shipping product so the integrity of the products being shipped are maintained.

Once the desired specifications are arrived at we set the shipping products into our systems.

A-1 Pallet cuts to order; we are set up to cut and re-mill lumber on our own saws therefore we only cut what is required for the purchase order.

Using our “One-Piece Flow” style of systems we start the process at the cutting stage. The required lumber is cut and re-sawn to size and moved to the desired build station.

Just as we cut to order we build to order; products are built to specification provided by the customer setting up the build stations in a “One-Piece Flow” manner which ensures every piece is built with quality control maintained from the beginning to the finished product.

Producing a load of fresh pallets only when indicated by purchase order also allows the opportunity and ability to modify or make changes to the pallet specifications if required for the next order.

A-1 Pallet has been our preferred and principal supplier of pallets for many years. With friendly and efficient staff, they are wonderful to deal with. Providing quality products at a competitive price, A-1 is the company to go to for consistently proven shipping pallets.

Don G.
Inventory Control Coordinator


A-1 Pallet can build custom for every industry. Pallets, Skids and Shipping Products are all part of what A-1 Pallet is well known for. Can we build custom pallets and skids? Yes we can!

Can we build other wooden products? Absolutely yes we can! We will work with you to customize to fit your shipping needs. We can manufacture other wooden shipping products such as crates, reels or A-frames, bracing and supports to match your pallets. Whether you need it compact, small, medium or large; oblong or square we will provide options and solutions.

The modular industry requires cribs and pads, we can build those too!


Protecting your products one pallet at a time.



Can you make this? Is this a weird size? What can you build?

  • Custom sizes pallets, skids, cribs, pads, crates; there are no odd sizes here, we do everything custom built to protect and maintain the integrity of your product
  • Do you know the specific dimensions of your product so we can customize a product specifically for you? Let us provide you options for your specs
  • What kind of top board spacing do you require? What is going on top? Big items, small items? How much will the load weigh? What type of material (1×4, 1×6) shall we build your product with? We can help you fine tune your pallet specs
  • Will the pallets be used in your manufacturing equipment line? Do you need the pallets to fit in storage racking? If your pallets require modifications to work in alignment with your manufacturing equipment we are happy to find a solution
  • Do your pallets need to be certified? Where will you be shipping your product? Domestic/in-house or internationally/overseas? Wherever you require to ship your pallets we will provide you with correct options

How quickly can I get it? When will it be ready?

  • We build to order to ensure we are cutting and building exactly what our customers require
  • We cut and re-saw our own lumber to the specific sizes required to build your products; we build the amount ordered and load directly to one of our trailers or have it available for pick up
  • Different types of products have different lead times (We set lead time on a day-to-day basis, order-to-order basis)
  •  Once we receive a purchase order we confirm the timeline with the customer

How much? Do you have a price list?

  • We do everything custom built to protect and maintain the integrity of your products; because we custom build the pallets and skids we don’t have a set price sheet that we work off of
  • We will ask you fact finding questions and take all the information or specifications that you are able to provide and generate a product that is specific to you and your company
  • We like to provide options so that you can find the best possible solution for your product needs

Do you have a minimum order? Do you build small amounts? Do you do volume discounts?

  • We do not have a minimum order. We are equipped to easily adapt to build small, medium or large amounts
  •  If you need 1 pallet or 10, 20, 50 we can do that just as easily as building 200, 500, 1000, etc.
  • We provide discounts on delivery volume only

I want to re-purpose some pallets, where can I get some?

  • A-1 Pallet sells the standard size Used 48×40 4way Pallets “As Is” and are NON-refundable
  • If you have a specific size in mind for your re-purposing project and are unable to locate used pallets then we can provide you with custom built options

Can you build the pallets I need for this DIY project?

  • We can build any custom wood product; send us the measurements and dimensions of what you need and how many
  • We would love to share your pallet DIY project on facebook once it’s complete send us your pictures