Decoding the Acronyms of the Programs, Standards
and Authorities

CWPCA: The Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association is dedicated to promoting the welfare of the wood packaging material (WPM) industry in Canada.

CWPCP: The Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program is a quality management program designed to allow certified producers to construct wood packaging materials to meet a phytosanitary standard.

CFIA: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is the authority in Canada for ensuring the standards and protocols are in place and practiced by the certified producers.

IPPC: The International Plant Protection Convention has developed the standard for the regulation of wood packaging material in international trade.

ISPM 15: International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15; the regulatory standard developed by the IPPC.

WPM: Wood Packaging Material; a term used in the pallet and container industry.

A-1 Pallet has been certified under the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) for export and production of wood packaging material (WPM) that meets the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15). A-1 Pallet has been certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as meeting the eligibility and compliance requirements of the CWPCP.


I spent a lot of time trying to find the right company to build these pallets at a fair price. Right away you jumped out as a quality company who cared about putting forth a quality product. From my first conversation with Sarah, to my chat with Cam, and the continued dialogues I’m having with you it shows how committed you are to ensuring I’m happy with the service you provide. And I only ordered a handful of pallets. Will be happy to have our company associated with yours.


Dan D.

Parts, Service & Inside Sales


The CWPCP Purpose

The purpose of the program is to prevent pest infestation and contamination from spreading by travelling in or on wood packaging material (WPM); to protect the health of plants and trees which refers to the phytosanitary health.

Certification Requirements

  • All lumber or WPM used in the assembly of a certified pallet or wooden product must be Heat Treated (HT).
  • All HT lumber must be obtained from a certified facility.
  • Each certified pallet or wooden product must be traceable to the originating source; traceable documentation must be provided.
  • All certified pallets are to be stamped on two visible sides with an approved IPPC stamp.

A-1 Pallet’s Certification Number & Stamp

A-1 Pallet’s CWPCP certification number is “CA-00440”. Using an approved IPPC format stamp as an identifying mark our certification number is provided on two visible sides of the pallet. The stamp acts as proof that the certified pallet or wooden product conforms to ISPM 15.


Certification Number & Stamp


The following items must be present in acceptable IPPC stamp formats:

  • The trademark IPPC wheat sheaf logo
  • The country code (indicated as “CA” in the figure); CA in Canada
  • The facility number (indicated as “00440” in the figure)
  • The treatment code (indicated as “HT” in the figure); HT is heat treatment

For more information about IPPC- ISPM 15 standards:


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Do you have certified pallets? Do you have Heat Treated pallets? Are your pallets stamped?

  • Yes we have certified pallets and heat treated pallets and stamped pallets; certified pallets are heat treated and they must have two stamps
  • All lumber material used for Export pallets must be HT (Heat Treated) and have been obtained from a certified facility
  • A -1 Pallet must be able to provide traceable documentation for each pallet built
  • We include the traceability of the materials used to build the certified wood product on the invoice and packing slips
  • All Employees are trained to follow the regulations of the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) in accordance with A-1 Pallet’s Quality Control Manual


Are your pallets stamped?

  • Yes certified pallets are stamped on 2 sides of the product with an approved IPPC stamp


I need to ship internationally; I need to ship overseas; do your pallets meet those requirements?

  • Yes we can build pallets that meet the indicated requirements; for shipping Internationally or overseas you do require certified heat treated pallets with an IPPC “HT” stamped on 2 sides of the product


What is ISPM 15? What is IPPC?

  • ISPM 15 is an acronym for International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures; standard number 15; it is a standard for certification
  • IPPC is an acronym for International Plant Protection Convention; the IPPC provides guidelines for certification
  • IPPC developed the ISPM #15 on the Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade


Do I need Heat Treated pallets to ship to the States?

  • For shipping across the border we recommend using certified heat treated pallets; the current treaty timeline for approval (as at June 2014) has not officially passed
  • We have heard reports of difficulties at local border crossings where shipments are being turned around unless they are shipping on certified pallets