FAQ is listed in sections

Why A-1 Pallet?

Can you make this? Is this a weird size? What can you build?

  • Custom sizes pallets, skids, cribs, pads, crates; there are no odd sizes here, we do everything custom built to protect and maintain the integrity of your product
  • Do you know the specific dimensions of your product so we can customize a product specifically for you? Let us provide you options for your specs
  • What kind of top board spacing do you require? What is going on top? Big items, small items? How much will the load weigh? What type of material (1×4, 1×6) shall we build your product with? We can help you fine tune your pallet specs
  • Will the pallets be used in your manufacturing equipment line? Do you need the pallets to fit in storage racking? If your pallets require modifications to work in alignment with your manufacturing equipment we are happy to find a solution
  • Do your pallets need to be certified? Where will you be shipping your product? Domestic/in-house or internationally/overseas? Wherever you require to ship your pallets we will provide you with correct options

How quickly can I get it? When will it be ready?

  • We build to order to ensure we are cutting and building exactly what our customers requires
  • We cut and re-saw our own lumber to the specific sizes required to build your products; we build the amount ordered and load directly to one of our trailers or have it available for pick up
  • Different types of products have different lead times (We set lead time on a day to day basis, order to order basis)
  • Once we receive a purchase order we confirm the timeline with the customer

How much? Do you have a price list?

  • We do everything custom built to protect and maintain the integrity of your products; because we custom build the pallets and skids we don’t have a set price sheet that we work off of
  • We will ask you fact finding questions and take all the information or specifications that you are able to provide and generate a product that is specific to you and your company
  • We like to provide options so that you can find the best possible solution for your product needs

Do you have a minimum order? Do you build small amounts? Do you do volume discounts?

  • We do not have a minimum order we are equipped to easily adapt to build small, medium or large amounts
  • If you need 1 pallet or 10, 20, 50 we can do that just as easily as building 200, 500, 1000, etc.
  • We provide discounts on delivery volume only

I want to re-purpose some pallets, where can I get some?

  • A-1 Pallet sells the standard size Used 48×40 4way Pallets “As Is” and are NON-refundable
  • If you have a specific size in mind for your re-purposing project and are unable to locate used pallets then we can provide you with custom built options

Can you build the pallets I need for this DIY project?

  • We can build any custom wood product; send us the measurements and dimensions of what you need and how many
  • We would love to share your pallet DIY project on facebook once it’s complete send us your pictures

Delivery Solutions

Do you deliver?

  • We can deliver on one of our four trailers; we have 2 closed van 53’ trailers and 2 curtain-side flat deck trailers (aka china top trailers); options are chosen on customer’s unloading preference
  • If you have a preferred freight company for FOB pick up we will call on your behalf to arrange the pick up

How much for delivery?

  • The delivery cost breakdown with our trailers is provided on our quotes that is in relation to the size and quantity of the product ordered
  • We can provide freight options for FOB pick up from our yard

CWPCP Certified

Do you have certified pallets? Do you have Heat Treated pallets?

  • Yes we have certified pallets and heat treated pallets and stamped pallets; certified pallets are heat treated and they must have two stamps
  • All lumber material used for Export pallets must be HT (Heat Treated) and have been obtained from a certified facility
  • A -1 Pallet must be able to provide traceable documentation for each pallet built
  • We include the traceability of the materials used to build the certified wood product on the invoice and packing slips
  • All Employees are trained to follow the regulations of the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) in accordance with A-1 Pallet’s Quality Control Manual

Are your pallets stamped?

  • Yes certified pallets are stamped on 2 sides of the product with an approved IPPC stamp

I need to ship internationally; I need to ship overseas; do your pallets meet those requirements?

  • Yes we can build pallets that meet the indicated requirements; for shipping Internationally or overseas you do require certified heat treated pallets with an IPPC “HT” stamped on 2 sides of the product

What is ISPM 15? What is IPPC?

  • ISPM 15 is an acronym for International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures; standard number 15; it is a standard for certification
  • IPPC is an acronym for International Plant Protection Convention; the IPPC provides guidelines for certification
  • IPPC developed the ISPM #15 on the Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade

Do I need Heat Treated pallets to ship to the States?

  • For shipping across the border we recommend using certified heat treated pallets; the current treaty timeline for approval (as at June 2014) has not officially passed
  • We have heard reports of difficulties at local border crossings where shipments are being turned around unless they are shipping on certified pallets

 Pallet Talk

How do you know what the length of the pallet is vs the width of the pallet?

  • The industry standard is Length times Width (LxW)
  • Length is the first dimension stated and width is the second dimension stated when describing a pallet or skid
  • The length of the pallet is the length of the stringers (usually 2x4s) or the direction the forks will enter parallel to the stringers
  • The width of the pallet is the top and bottom board length
  • Industry standard pallet size is 48”x40” which is 48 inches long by 40 inches wide

Why are pallets measured in inches?

  • Even though Canada uses the metric system of measurement dimensional lumber is most frequently purchased and sold in linear measurements as per the imperial system such as feet and inches
  • The industry standard is to state pallet measurements in inches

What’s the difference between 2way and 4way?

  • 2way entry means the pallet can only be entered from 2 directions parallel with the length of the pallet; the stringers are not notched they are solid
  • 4way entry means the pallet can be entered from all 4 directions; the 2×4 stringers of the pallet will have notches
  • Block pallets provide 4way entry as well; there are no notched stringers instead the stringers are built using blocks in the corner points

What’s the difference between a pallet and a skid?

  • A pallet has both top boards and bottom boards; the bottom boards support the structure of the pallet to stop it from collapsing
  • A skid only has top boards; typically a skid’s stringers are 2×3 (lower profile) or 4×4 (sturdier) to stop the stringers from collapsing or folding over

What kind of wood do you use?

  • Grades of lumber A-1 Pallet uses are #2&B and Economy; both are certifiable
  • A-1 Pallet uses softwood lumber SPF which stands for Spruce/Pine/Fir; certifiable
  • A-1 Pallet provides green lumber options using Mill Run Rough which is usually hemlock or fir; non-certifiable

Do you build with hardwood boards?

  • A-1 Pallet purchases and builds with softwood lumber which is most commonly provided in Western Canada; hardwood lumber is most commonly provided in Central and Eastern Canada

Used Pallets & Pool Pallets

Do you buy used pallets?

  • A-1 Pallet does not buy used pallets; we find out what sizes you have and how many you have accumulated and if we can assist you from there we will do our best

Do you sell used pallets?

  • A-1 Pallet sells the standard size Used 48×40 4way Pallets “As Is” and are NON-refundable
  • Used Pallets are repaired and there may be a variance in board types and spacing

What are blue pallets? What are orange pallets?

  • Blue pallets or CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool) pallets belong to a pallet pool, they are typically built with hardwood
  • Orange pallets or CPC (Canadian Pallet Council) pallets belong to a pallet pool, typically built with hardwood
  • A-1 Pallet can provide an alternative customized pallet using softwood lumber