Production Team Member Posting:

  1. Are you an Optimistic Team Player?
  2. Do you have a proven track record of stability?
  3. Do you Communicate and handle difficult situations tactfully?
  4. Do you take Responsibility for the tasks at hand?
  5. Do you set and Accomplish high standards?
  6. Do you adapt easily?
  7. Do you consistently maintain pace?
  8. Do you use balanced judgment, bringing stability to the entire team?
  9. Are you looking for a spot to learn and move up quickly?
  10. Do you prefer a fast-paced environment with constant changeovers?
  11. Do you promote ideas effectively?
  12. Are you alert?
  13. Do you have long-term accountability?
  14. Are you Supportive, Friendly and Optimistic in every relationship?
  15. Do you understand and preserve the need for Quality Systems and Procedures?
  16. Are you independent when the need arises?
  17. Do you create a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere?
  18. Are you looking for stable work?

If you answered yes to all 18 of the above questions then we want to talk to you.

We are a manufacturer in the Fraser Valley providing Shipping Solutions & Peace of Mind and we are looking for the BEST of the BEST!


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