A-1 Pallet started operating in Aldergrove, BC in 1997. Within a few short years of establishing their backyard business, Ken and Donna Barrell, along with their daughter Sarah Barrell, grew to their current industrial manufacturing location.

Our roots are strong with the understanding that in order to create, improve and grow the ability to adapt to change and rise to a challenge must be allowed. Originally a pallet recycler, A-1 Pallet has adapted and systemized the production processes and techniques; providing customers the ability to customize product size and order small or large amounts.



“When I was a kid I had a shirt that read “Chief in Training” and I knew that I wanted to work with my dad growing up! It is safe to say the shirt no longer fits my adult body, however I believe the training is still in progress.  As one of the Business Owners, and as the General Manager of A-1 Pallet Enterprises, I have been dedicated to creating harmony in our business, focusing and learning how to be more effective and efficient, and supporting A-1 Pallet’s vision of providing Shipping Solutions & Peace of Mind.”

~ Sarah Barrell, General Manager



Protecting your products one pallet at a time.